Shooting Sport Facilities

At Blackwood, we can accommodate anything from single shooters to large parties. Are you looking to hone your skills with your pistol and your long gun? No Problem! Our range is set up to allow you to shoot from as close as 5 yards, out to 200 yards. You won’t even need to change shooting lanes!

Range Length:
5 to 200 yards with target rails set at 25 yds, 50 yds, 100 yds & 200 yds.
Movable close range target stands.
Sorry, but no .50 cal rifle rounds (or higher)

Range Hours:
Monday-Sunday – 9:00am to 6:00pm*
*Last check in for range is 5:00pm

One Shooter with One Gun: $16.00 (targets extra)
Extra Guns: $8.00 per gun
Extra Shooters: $8.00 per shooter


All shooters are required to wear hearing & eye protection while range is “hot”. While we do offer these items for sale in the pro shop, hearing & eye protection are NOT provided.

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What is the minimum age requirement to shoot at Blackwood?

Blackwood Sporting Co., we believe in a parent’s right to determine their child’s age for learning about guns and proper gun safety. While we do not have a minimum age restriction, anyone under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES. You MUST be 21 to shoot handguns or buy handgun ammo, or be under adult supervision.

What is the maximum distance of the rifle range?

Our rifle range currently has a maximum distance of 200yds. We do have plans to extend the range to 500yds in the near future.

What are the different target distances I can shoot?

We have fences to place targets at 25, 50, 100 & 200yds. For pistol shooters, we have movable target frames that can positioned anywhere from 3 to 25yds.

Is the range indoor or outdoor?

All four of our ranges are outdoor ranges.

How often does the Range Officer call cease fires?

The average time between cease fires is 20 minutes. During cease fires, shooters are permitted to go down range to check their targets or place them. NO ONE is allowed to approach the firing line or handle a weapon during cease fires.

What types/calibers of ammunition can I shoot at Blackwood?

The only ammunition we will not allow is tracer or incendiary rounds. Steel and aluminum cased ammunition is accepted. In terms of caliber, any caliber smaller than 50BMG is accepted.

Can I shoot my shotgun on the rifle range?

Shotguns are welcome only if you are using slug ammunition or 71/2 shot or smaller. No buckshot is allowed.

Can I practice drawing and firing / rapid fire my weapon?

No. For safety reasons, we do not allow rapid fire or the drawing of weapons.

Can I shoot my silenced weapons at Blackwood?

Yes! As long as you bring all of the required stamps/paperwork with you, we allow silenced weapons.

Can I shoot my fully automatic / select fire weapons at Blackwood?

Blackwood does not allow rapid fire on the range. If you have the required permits and “select” single fire, you would be permitted to fire the weapon.


What people say about us


I want to pass along my gratitude and appreciation for the work Cybelle and John did for our First Shots class this past weekend.  We had a great day.  11 people (4 families) attended a mornig First Shots class and a group of 7 went through in the afternoon.  It was an excellent, fun and educational day.  Instructor John did a great job.  Please  Thank him for his service and please pass along our gratitude to the other veterans at Blackwood.

Blackwood Sporting Co. thank you for hosting our homeschool group.  Its a great program.   I look forward to our next visit.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and God Bless.

Marty Bourke

Great place to shoot. Reasonably priced, friendly service and the Range Safety Officer (RSO) was fantastic. Not only did he do a great job of ensuring we all shot safely but he offered VERY helpful tips and added a very much appreciated bit of "expert advice" to my sighting in process.

Michael BellConroe, TX

This is the best range to come and have fun everyone is wonderful feels like a home away from home They hold many events this was where I began to get in the sport of sporting clays and since have always been back to learn more from many of their top shooters definitely it is the place to be

Fernando AmayaConroe, TX


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